Does dust hold memories?

Preston road

Dust in the hall
Dust on the stairs
Dust everywhere
But do I care?

An empty house loses its soul
All sense of home gone
An empty space without a role
Love and warmth forgone

A chill lives within its walls
Not just the absence of heat
But something more, a void that calls
Without you I am incomplete.

A small toy, bright faced, stares
Abandoned and forgotten
By a child who no longer cares,
Doomed to live forever in its forlorn habitation.

Wait. The toy moves, lifts, as invisible hands
Raise it, cherish it and hold it close
An inner light glows through it, expands,
Spreads, the whole room to enclose.

Voices from the past speak softly
Shapes appear, grow stronger,
Appear more and more clearly,
Making the light in the room alter.

The people may be gone but perhaps,
The memories linger.

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