Hunting by Moonlight


It is the midnight hour.
The full moon stalks the clouds
That hide her silvery light,
For you to hunt.

A gap in the cloudy veil
Moon bright
Floods the night,
Now, now stalk your prey

For you are man.
Strong, powerful,
Creature of the night,
Dominant, let all fear you.

A rustle of leaves
Alerted. Alarmed
Your prey turns, flees
In terror

For you are man,
None can face you
All powerful. All conquering
Flee they must.

Wait. What is that shadow you see?
Did it move? A trick of the light?
Where is that moonlight when you need it?
What glows red in the dark? Eyes? Can it be?

Now you too know fear. Perhaps there are things of the night
Never spoken of, that hunt and stalk
Seek their prey, creep ever nearer, waiting to pounce.
Now taste fear, in the horror of being – the prey.

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