Obscured meditation


In meditation
You are supposed to
Sit with a quiet mind
And watch the clouds (thoughts)
Pass across the sky
That is your mind

Well I want to know
Who is it that hurls
These thunderstorms
In my direction
And fills my mind
With flashes of lightning
And bolts of thunder?

Who is it that obscures
The blue sky of my mind
If it is not me
Even as I sit and watch
The clouds roll by
And wonder
Who am I?

The Song of the Stars

Credit: NASA

Listen. Listen with your heart.
Can you hear?
It is the song of the Stars.
It is the ecstasy of creation.

Listen to the call of nature
In the sound of the whale.
Singing the song of the ocean,
Singing of love

Listen to the sound of waves
On the seashore
They are simply the echo of moon and stars
Singing to you, singing to me.

Listen to the song of love
Love enduring, love everlasting
Sung to you, sung to me
Only listen, and be filled.

The Song of Non-locality

sky space dark galaxy
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The scientists call it
I call it
The Song

They say that
Each and every
Part of the universe
Is connected

You. Me. The stars
The whole of creation
A common bond
Connects us all

Into one Song
That we all
Unknowingly sing
The song of Life

And when you can
Hear the song that you sing
You too will know
That all is One.

The Seeker of Knowledge

Inkwork (7)


In the very centre of the Ring the Seeker of Knowledge stands, arms still raised, but hears no answer, only the eternal song of wind and sea. Twilight, the time of the gloaming, falls, and with it, the night mist rises.

I stand in the shadows, listening, watching, being.
Hearing the world turning.
Seeing the light leaving the heavens
Even as the mists rise from sea and land.

As the world turns, the creatures of the day
settle, slumber and are still.
Now the creatures of the night are awakening,
Their power rising, soon to stalk and to hunt.

For it is the moment of transition,
Yin to yang, light to dark,
One power to another,
And I stand, and feel the world turning.

(Extract from The Seer (of Stenness))